Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Solutions

IBEX ICT Brochure 2022–1Our team of qualified staff has a solid history of combining our talents to support both our Government and commercial clients in maximizing the utility of every dollar to ensure that you have the best available technology and service in the palm of your hand.

  • Distance Learning: Our ICT capacities can improve the quality of your distance learning experience, giving you the confidence and targeted results in successfully achieving the right knowledge and skills transfer.
  • VSAT: Our team has designed several satellite networks overseas and our standard of excellence has been upheld by the continued flawless operation of these systems, even in some of the harshest climates on earth. We ensure that our technologies such as solar energy systems, which have been used to power remote network locations, contributing to a green environment.
  • Training: IBEX is committed to providing the most effective, high-quality educational, technical and process training. Our high standards of course development and instructor –led training will ensure that skills learned in the classroom will easily be transferable to new tools and techniques on the job. Trainings offered include classroom, webinar, conference/workshop, interactive video demonstration environments. Over the years, IBEX has trained many executive and agency level personnel, ranging from end users to managers to better executive their daily functions and meet their deadlines.
  • Computer Labs: Acquiring the right tools and software are as important as the people using them and IBEX can help our clients design and implement computer labs to meet their training or conference needs.
  • Maintenance: Our experienced technicians perform regular equipment checks and maintenance procedures per defined schedules to help ensure reliability and operability.